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Kamiah Idaho

About the Practitioner

Georgia Machado CMT [Certified Massage Therapist]
I recieved Swedish Massage training at "Massage Training Institue" - Bakersfield California. I graduated November 17, 1998.

I also was trained in Chair Massage and am Insured with ABMP.

I have always been one to give a heavy touch, I like going deep and fixing the issues, yet I know and understand the need and desire for gentle soft touch. I try to listen to the client and give what they desire to have.

The swedish massage I was taught has lots of reflexology and  lymphatic drainage incorporated, I return to this massage frequently due to the fabulous benefits given to the client. 

I love to give a massage, I feel  invigorated.  I started massage therapy to learn how to rub my husband the right way :)  and to allow our children a little freedom, everyone in class loved my touch and it stuck, here I am over 17 years later still loving it.

I have been married to the same wonderful guy for 32 years, we have two children and fostered many children. We moved to Rural Idaho and love it.

I am just simply me!  I am pretty happy living the good life.

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